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Bec's first famil in the Cook Islands May 2019

Bec's first famil in the Cook Islands May 2019

23 Dec 2019 Travel Tips, Experiences, Flights, Luxury, Short Breaks, Tours, Travel Stories

Words by Bec Greening

From the time we arrived we knew it was going to be such a great experience. 

Once all the agents had checked in, we were so fortunate to be invited to the Air New Zealand Departure lounge for a short while before priority boarding onto the aircraft. This allowed us a quick look at the aircraft’s business and premium economy sections of the plane which were great for me as I had never been exposed to this kind of luxury before!

Our flight was great, the aircraft so comfortable and I just loved the experience of flying with Air New Zealand! Unfortunately, sleep evaded me but I did enjoy the in-flight entertainment and found the flight to be quite pleasant, even though a couple of my new friends got to enjoy and experience SkyCouch! 

We landed in Rarotonga and not long after that were quickly on the way to gorgeous Aitutaki!  3 days on this gorgeous island and whilst the weather was quite wet at times, I was amazed that the water remained so vividly blue and I just loved the Vaka Cruise!  On Sunday, I suggested a trip to the local church, so a few of us went along and we really enjoyed the experience. 

3 more days in Raro - many hotel inspections, cultural experiences, shopping, a lot of food and a lot of laughs.  What a great time we all had!

So, in summary, thank you to everyone involved in making this famil happen.  I feel really special to be able to experience such a trip and feel forever grateful to have beeb introduced to the Travel industry with my first famil being to the Cook Islands! 

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