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Lisa's trip to Namibia – 2017

Lisa's trip to Namibia – 2017

06 Oct 2021 Lisa Cheso Travel Stories, Experiences

'Namib' means vast space, which is so apt, as the countryside is a beautiful contrast of landscapes. Arid desert, sand dunes and plains of nothingness but for the odd ostrich, or a local Namibian family living out in the emptiness of this land. We'd travel for a few hours and it would turn into lush green rolling hills with an abundance of trees and grasses and animals roaming the plains.

The Namibian people are very friendly with many traditions. Traditional tribes such as the Herero and Himba tribes still practice and live by, these traditions.

Namibia is very proactive in the anti-poaching space. It is a very community minded country which is big on conservation and nearly half the country is protected.

Highlights of my trip were Etosha National Park, which showcased amazing wildlife in natural surroundings on the various game drives I embarked on, and Soussusvlei, a large salt flat and dry lake bed which occasionally floods and is surrounded by tall striking red sand dunes. We spotted the endangered Black Rhino on a couple of occasions which was also a highlight. In fact, I had many wonderful encounters with the locals, both animal and human alike.

It is a safe country, where people are lovely and the land is amazing. I highly recommend adding Namibia to your travel list.




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