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Lisa in Egypt – 2013

Lisa in Egypt – 2013

10 Oct 2021 Experiences, Travel Stories, Travel Tips, Tours

I couldn’t believe we were there after seeing the Pyramids so many times in pictures or books!! The sights, the food and the Nile cruise, wow, what can I say…. One of the best trips and destinations that I have been to. Valley of the Kings was simply astounding, the many tombs that are built in the mountains is a sight to see.

We spent 5 nights cruising the Nile, it was fantastic, along the way you see how people live and use the Nile for so many daily activities. Bathing, washing, swimming and farming but to name a few. It was gorgeous to see kids and families playing and swimming and waving to us as we cruised by.

The history and the culture of the Egyptians continues to interest me as they are still continuously finding new artefacts to this day.

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