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Lisa in Edinburgh and Beyond -2019

Lisa in Edinburgh and Beyond -2019

10 Oct 2021 Experiences, Travel Stories, Travel Tips
I started my holiday in the Capital of Scotland the city of Edinburgh. What a wonderful city, full of history. I felt as though I had stepped back in time… 

 I waited for my knight in shining armour to pick me up on his horse but apparently he didn’t get the memo I was there!! Tip: get your hotel on the Royal Mile, best location ever. Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth: Where does the Queen travel in the summer? The Queen heads up to Scotland when summer begins, going to Holyrood House. Located at the end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, it has been home to the royal family members since the 16th century. It was originally founded as a monastery in 1128, and the Queen often spends one week there at the beginning of summer. Well worth a visit if you are there; open to the public when the Queen is not in residence.

Next stop: I travelled from Edinburgh by train to the town of Basingstoke. Basingstoke is in the county of Hampshire, 1 hour by train south of London. Why Basingstoke I hear you ask?? Well my mum was originally from the UK and this is where her family members lived. I was on a personal quest lay some of my mum’s ashes back with her family on her 80th birthday at the cemetery where her family are buried. I stayed with my relatives and we had a great time. I caught up with my Aunty, Uncle and cousin who I hadn't seen for 30yrs. I stayed with my relatives Neil and Pam who are members of the National Trust so they took me out in the beautiful English countryside on lots of drives to see the villages and to visit old manor houses. Very interesting to see how the upper crust lived with great decadence and such big houses. Definitely a Downtown Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs feel to them.

Did you know?? Jane Austen was born in the county of Hampshire and her bronze statue is in Basingstoke market square.

Stonehenge was on my bucket list.. Another tick to add to my list.

Fun Fact: Did you know if you are a member of the National Trust in Australia you can use your membership internationally! Or you can purchase a 7 or 14 day visitors pass (UK) which gives you free entry into over 300 historical houses and gardens, well worth the cost of $33GBP.

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